Thursday, November 21, 2019

Business Operations Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Operations Management - Essay Example The essay "Business Operations Management" talks about the business operation management by the example of Geoff Cartwright who identified that the running of Gateshead holdings was not in a solid state and he acknowledged that there was need for major amendments to be done to ensure efficiency and quality production in the firm. Having provided multi-skill training for its team Gateshead was sure to overcome any setbacks that would be caused by lack of attendance by members of staff who had specialized on specific task and no replacement for them was available incase of their in attendance . This was a major move since there was no reason for stalling jobs because in every group all members were able to perform all tasks. Gatestead under Geoff the production manager went further to train its staff on machine maintenance and minor repairs and this factor worked positively towards reducing machine failure and time loss during minor machines breakdown in the process of production. Geof f went further to introduce Just in time and six sigma as measure of reducing wastage. It will be noted that in any production firm waste contributes to a major factor reducing profitability and utmost care should be carried out because waste increases the cost of sales made and by no means can the cost of sales lost through waste be recovered. Geoff the production manager also identified the need to give the workers incentive through wage increases and by the year 2003 the statutory minimum wage increased to 7.50 pounds/hour.

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