Friday, February 7, 2020

Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Exam - Essay Example Analyze the options, select what you believe is the best option and formulate your proposed design to collect primary and/or secondary reliable and valid data to address your research question. 2. CORE CURRICULUM: Examine and critically analyze the seminal works on leadership and/or management related to your research topic. Drawing from this work and the broader literature you have read, address the contributions and the shortcomings of academic and practitioner research surrounding your topic, and clearly articulate the particular contribution that your research will address. Include a discussion of generalizability of your findings to related research contexts and/or questions. 3. CONCENTRATION CURRICULUM: Drawing from the recent literature in your chosen concentration (generally within the last three years), evaluate the unique contributions and/or extensions of your research question to the discipline. Draw from your personal experience as well as the greater body of literature to address the intersection of the seminal work discussed in question 2 with the current state of concentration literature and the chosen research question. SMEs are an important foundation of business activity in the Thai economy representing over 99% of the country’s businesses. The government is keen to support SMEs because of the potential economic and social benefits, and it has therefore devised several support initiatives. Various success factors are identified in addition to government support such as leadership and management skills, organizational culture and technology. After considering the three approaches to research methodology, it is decided that a mixed-method would be suitable because there is valuable data that can be collected and at the same time, more insightful qualitative information can be obtained. The descriptive research design will involve a survey to identify certain characteristics of SMEs and further research to

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